Brick, block and tile are present in almost every building. There can be few, if any, construction projects on which every scrap of building material fits perfectly. More often than not, a substantial number of blocks and tiles need to be trimmed and cut to properly fit the plans. It is worth spending time getting these cuts right. This reduces the overall effort and time spent on the construction. It is also worth investing in high quality tile and masonry saws to ensure that the best possible results are being realised.

Tile Saws

The word tiles encompasses a huge range of products. Porcelain, encaustic, ceramic, roofing tiles, stone and glass area all used on a regular basis. To cut these accurately, it is vital to use the correct product. For small tiles requiring 90° or 45° cuts the Husqvarna TS230F tile saw will usually be enough. This is small and can be easily moved between sites. It can be attaches to a trestle or sat on a work-bench. For larger tiles, and situations where more complex angles need to be cut, the Husqvarna TS66R can cut tiles up to a maximum size of 660mm by 660mm. For even larger tiles, such as granite flooring, the Husqvarna TS73R tile saw can cut sizes up to 700mm by 700mm, as well as angle tiles on any side.

Masonry Saws

Block and brick trimming require a lot of cutting depth. They also need to be secure on at least two sides to ensure accurate cutting. Small brick and block cutting can be performed on the Husqvarna TS350E masonry saw, which has a cutting depth of 100mm. For larger blocks, such as concrete stretchers, the Husqvarna TS400F masonry saw has greater cutting capacity, with a cutting depth of 230mm.

All these machines are manufactured to exacting specifications by Husqvarna, meaning that their quality is guaranteed.