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Tile and Masonry Saws

Brick, block and tile are present in almost every building. There can be few, if any, construction projects on which every scrap of building material fits perfectly. More often than not, a substantial number of blocks and tiles need to be trimmed and cut to properly fit the plans. It is worth spending time getting these cuts right. This reduces the overall effort and time spent on the construction. It is also worth investing in high quality tile and masonry saws to ensure that the best possible results are being realised.

Tile Saws

The word tiles encompasses a huge range of products. Porcelain, encaustic, ceramic, roofing tiles, stone and glass area all used on a regular basis. To cut these accurately, it is vital to use the correct product. For small tiles requiring 90° or 45° cuts the Husqvarna TS230F tile saw will usually be enough. This is small and can be easily moved between sites. It can be attaches to a trestle or sat on a work-bench. For larger tiles, and situations where more complex angles need to be cut, the Husqvarna TS66R can cut tiles up to a maximum size of 660mm by 660mm. For even larger tiles, such as granite flooring, the Husqvarna TS73R tile saw can cut sizes up to 700mm by 700mm, as well as angle tiles on any side.

Masonry Saws

Block and brick trimming require a lot of cutting depth. They also need to be secure on at least two sides to ensure accurate cutting. Small brick and block cutting can be performed on the Husqvarna TS350E masonry saw, which has a cutting depth of 100mm. For larger blocks, such as concrete stretchers, the Husqvarna TS400F masonry saw has greater cutting capacity, with a cutting depth of 230mm.

All these machines are manufactured to exacting specifications by Husqvarna, meaning that their quality is guaranteed.

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The Husqvarna K535i Battery Powered Disc Cutter

The Husqvarna K535i is the first battery powered disc cutter in the Husqvarna range. This compact, nimble machine is ideal for smaller jobs. Its light weight and small size mean it can be used in difficult locations, such as roofs and enclosed spaces. It has an inbuilt water kit to help contain dust and increase cutting efficiency.

The move into battery powered machines is an interesting decision. The vast majority of Husqvarna and STHIL saws are still petrol powered. Other electric disc cutters, like the Husqvarna K4000, are tethered to a socket with a cable. A battery powered saw give the operator the freedom to use it when and where they like, without having to worry about trailing cables. This is especially useful when working at height. Charging a battery costs a fraction of what you pay to refuel a petrol tank. As battery technology improves, and emissions regulations grow stricter, it is likely that more equipment will move over to this system in the future.

Husqvarna K535i

The design of the Husqvarna K535i is engineered to meet the needs of construction and landscape contractors. It is well balanced and features easy to use controls. The low weight of just 3.5kg and the rope eyelet make this the ideal tool for cutting roof tiles while working at height. It can also be used to cut concrete garden tiles, flooring tiles and even granite of 70mm or less. The Husqvarna K535i features an electric blade brake for increased safety. This stops the blade from full throttle to zero in just 3.1 seconds. The battery is placed to the rear of the machine to help minimise the risk of exposure to dust or slurry produced by the cutting.

The battery is compatible with a wide range of other Husqvarna equipment. At the moment all other compatible machines are in the Forest and Garden range, although more battery powered construction tools may be released in the future.

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Husqvarna K770 Vac

The Husqvarna K770 Vac is new for 2019 and offers a new way to deal with concrete dust while cutting. Innovative developments allow a H-class dust extractor to be connected directly to the rear of the saw. The front guard has a retractable lower cover to help manage suction of silica dust and other particulates. The lower section automatically folds back, so there is no extra activity for the user to undertake.

The K770 Vac provides the same reliable cutting as the regular K770. While it is only available in 300mm, the blade is held forwards of the guard allowing a cutting depth of 122mm. This is close to the 125mm which is achieved by a 350mm K770.
It is vital to control concrete dust in order to protect both site and operators. While the K770 Vac will work with more commonly used M-class dust extractors, these are not recommended when working with concrete dust. The particulates are finer than the dust generated when working with wood and metal. M-class dust extractors also fail to provide the needed protection when emptying or changing bags. An H-class dust extractor such as the Husqvarna S26 will give the K770 Vac all the suction it needs, while keeping the dust sealed with H13 filters.
Traditionally dust generated wile cutting was controlled using water. While that is still an option, it is becoming less economical. Slurry also has to be managed and disposed of correctly. Dry dust can be sealed in a LongoPac bag and disposed of far more efficiently. Wet cutting is also unsuitable for many locations due to the damage it can cause to the surrounding area, not to mention the residue build up on machines.
The K770 Vac is a sensible and effective solution to dust control while cutting, which also provides deep cuts and reliable production rates.

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Husqvarna K770 – The Latest Innovation in Concrete Cutting

The Husqvarna K770

Husqvarna K770

The new Husqvarna K770 is Husqvarna’s latest concrete saw, available from late May 2018. With a lineage stretching back to 1958, Husqvarna have proven their expertise in concrete tooling and cutting. Here at Findasaw we have sold and championed the K760 ever since we opened. It has easily been our best-selling disc cutter by a wide margin. The new Husqvarna K770 improves on the previous design, using input taken from users around the world to build a better machine. Instead of redesigning the wheel, Husqvarna have taken the proven qualities of the K760 and built on them. This has allowed them to meet user’s needs, improving the ignition and cutting arm.

K770 Key Improvements

  • A redesigned, magnesium cast, heavier cutting arm with a three-bolt joint enables higher torsional rigidity, helping to further stabilise cutting.
  • Digital ignition with optimised timing provides a powerful spark at precisely the right time, enabling an easy start and efficient combustion.
  • A new clutch cooling fan keeps the temperature inside the belt cover lower, improving the life of transmission components and the belt.
  • SmartTension™ keeps the drive belt correctly tensioned, providing optimal power transmission and prolonging the life of the belt.

The Husqvarna K770 provides the same high build quality as its predecessor. Using components that will stand up the the stress and rigour of cutting through some of the hardest materials used in construction. Like the K760 before it, the K770 comes in both 300mm and 350mm versions. This give you a cutting depth of 100mm and 125mm respectively. There is also the option to invest in Oil Guard versions. Oil Guard protects the disc cutter from damage caused by incorrect fuel/oil mix. For road cutting, the K770 can be used with the KV7 Trolley, so you can keep your lines straight and vastly improving the stability of your concrete cutting.

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Diamond Cutting Blades

Whether you are cutting concrete, stone or asphalt, you are cutting some of the hardest materials known to man. In order to cut through these materials with maximum precision, speed and efficiency you need tools that are harder still. Diamond cutting blades are the best solution for the job and at findasaw.com we stock the very best in Husqvarna tools.

Because of the wide range of materials, and the differences between machines, it is important to ensure that you are picking the right disc for the right job. Furthermore it is worth thinking about how long you will be using the diamond cutting blade for. With the diagrams and advice below we want to help you make the right choices for your job or project.

Diamond Cutting Blades Chart


Diamond Cutting Blades Chart


GOLD Diamond Cutting Blades

Husqvarna Elite-Cut blades are for specialist contractors. Developed especially for intensive professional use in specialist applications. These discs provide maximum cutting speed and wear resistance in heavy cutting.Husqvarna Gold Diamond Cutting Blades

SILVER Diamond Cutting Blades

Husqvarna Vari-Cut blades are for general contractors. Developed for professional use in all-round applications. These discs provide high cutting speed and wear resistance in all cutting.Husqvarna Silver Diamond Cutting Blades

BRONZE Diamond Cutting Blades

Husqvarna Tacti-Cut blades are for occasional users. These discs provide a good balance between performance and price in common cutting and drilling applications.Husqvarna Bronze Diamond Cutting Blades

Time is money, and choosing the correct diamond cutting blades and can save you a lot of time. Buying from findasaw.com means you can always get qualified help and advice if something does not work as you expect. Remember, price and quality tend to go together. A low-cost blade might seem like a saving, but if you are going to use the tool professionally you may need to replace it faster than you might like. Consequently it is important to look at the lifetime use of the diamond cutting blade before you make a purchase decision.

Another major consideration in that the diamond cutting blade should be adapted to the machine’s power as well as the application and the materials you will cut. You can either opt for a universal tool that works well on several different materials or an optimised tool designed for cutting a specific material. Be sure to check that the bore will fit with the machine you are planning to use.

Decide which of the tool’s properties is most important to you – cutting speed or wear resistance. While a high cutting speed helps you get the job done quickly, and with less effort, it can result in a shortened lifespace of the blade. High wear resistance means longer service life in more extensive jobs, but ensure you are aware that you will be taking more time to cut through. Whatever you need, we will work with you to make sure you have the right tools to continue your work.

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