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Stihl GS 461 ICS Chain & Bar Force3 Premium Combo Pack

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Product Details
Upgrade Stihl GS461 Rock Boss saw to the ICS Diamond Chains and Premium GuideBar with this value package. Everything you need to use ICS chains and bars on your Stihl GS 461 Rock Boss diamond chainsaw.
Includes 1x Force3 Premium Chain, 1x 35cm/14" GuideBar plus a drive sprocket.

Does not contain the Stihl GS461 machine.

Match the performance of your Stihl saw with high performance bars and chains from ICS. Over 20 years of intensive diamond chain development enables ICS to provide the market-leading solution, with longer chain life and lower end-user costs. The SealPro (1) O ring protects the rivets from slurry, this reduces water requirements and significantly increases chani chassis life. The positive contact between the chain drive links and the drive sprocket and the nose sprocket reduces the wear on the chain components and drive sprocket teeth. The Bypass channel (3) milled into the outer laminate provides water injestion to the bearings inside the outer race. This provides lubrication, cooling and cleaning to prevent slurry and friction from damaging the bearings, resulting in longer life of the guidebar and nose sprocket.

The ICS Bars are made from a special alloy steel (4) to hold up to the harsh environment of concrete cutting. These are not wood cutting guide bars.

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