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Husqvarna TS 230 F Tile Saw

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Product Details

The A1000 is amongst the most advanced air scrubbers available. Tested and certified for use as both an air cleaner and as a negative air machine.

With a filter system and design which are perfectly adapted to operate with HEPA class H13 filters the air scrubber maintains superior air quality. The HEPA H13 filters are certified at an efficiency rate of 99.99% at 0.3 microns, able to deal with concrete dust, gypsum dust or fine sanding dust. Two warning lights indicate when the filters are clogged or leaking, so you will be able to take immediate action to rectify any blockage.

The A1000 operates quietly, filtering air within its sturdy and compact cabinet. The airflow can be adjusted to run at to two different speeds. Airflow is normally directed straight up, avoiding any further disturbance to dust laying on adjacent surfaces.

Features and Benefits

45 Degrees Cutting System

Greater precision as material stays flat when 45° cut is made.
Easy to Clean Table

The large removable cutting table is easy to clean.

High Precision Cut

Patented rigid cutting guide with fine adjustment capability.

Optional Foldable Trestle Support

Compatible with Husqvarna Trestle Table, making cutting easier and more comfortable for the operator.

Technical Information

Frequency: 50hz

Voltage: 110/240v

Rated Input Power: 0.75kW

Max Blade Diameter: 230mm

Max Cutting Depth: 46mm

Product Size Length: 630mm

Product Size Width: 520mm

Product Size Height: 330mm

Weight: 16.5kg

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