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Husqvarna LX90 Round Plate Compactor

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Product Details

The Husqvarna LX90 is a unique soil compactor which uses a round compaction plate. Capable of deeper compaction than a traditional forward plate compactor, and with a larger surface area than a trench rammer. This is the ideal machine for compacting soil adjacent to pipes, pillars or similar features. For any contractors who have needed to compact soil around corners or in situation where they needed to change direction, the Husqvarna LX90 is the solution. This provides the benefits of a compactor and a trench rammer in one easy to store machine.

Average Compaction Depths
Sand and Gravel 0.25 m depth after 4 passes
Silt0.15 m depth after 4 passes
Base 0.15 m depth after 4 passes
Sub-Base 0.2 m depth after 4 passes
Features and Benefits
  • High Efficiency Compaction - Increased speed and compaction capacity when compared to a standard trench rammer
  • Freedom and Manoeuvrability - Circular plate geometry allows for easier turning and use
  • Easy to Transport - A lifting eye allows the operator to transport the LX90 or lower it into trenches
  • Flush Compaction - The round plate lets the operator compact in tight or difficult situations
Technical Information
LX 90
EngineHonda GX160
Power3.6 kW
Operating Weight96 kg
Frequency75 Hz
Centrifugal Force16 kN
Speed22 m/min
H/A Vibrations at Handle6.1 m/s²
Sound Power Guaranteed104 dB(A)
Sound Pressure at Operator's ear92 dB(A)
Plate Diameter455 mm
Length x Width x Height450 x 450 x 920 mm
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