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Husqvarna LT5005 Trench Rammer

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Product Details

The Husqvarna LT5005 is a lightweight, yet powerful, trench rammer designed for compaction of cohesive soils such as clay and silt. The large stroke height creates a powerful downward force, achieving deep compaction. Narrow size allows its use in confined spaces, such as trenches or around pipework. The LT5005 is equipped with a Honda GRX120 petrol engine, designed specifically for trench rammers.

The LT5005 can be used to compact sand, gravel, silt and clay, as well as base and sub-base materials used in road work. As it does not produce vibratory force it is better suited to clay or silt and should not be used on asphalt. The Husqvarna LT5005 provides high speed compaction and efficient performance to maximise work on site and deliver consistent results.

Available with a 150 mm or 230 mm wide compaction plate.

Average Compaction Depths
Sand and Gravel 0.4 m depth
Silt0.3 m depth
Clay 0.3 m depth
Base 0.35 m depth
Sub-Base 0.2 m depth
Features and Benefits
  • Efficient compaction due to powerful Honda engine and durable chassis
  • Single lifting point and rollers on the steering bow make on-site handling easy
  • The three position throttle control also closes the fuel line to prevent leakage
  • Easy access to all service points

Technical Information
LT 5005 150mm (6") LT 5005 230mm (9")
EngineHonda GXR120Honda GXR120
Power2.7 kW2.7 kW
Frequency12 Hz12 Hz
Speed15-18 m/min15-18 m/min
Handle Vibrations 6.4 m/s2 6.4 m/s2
Sound Power106 dB(A)106 dB(A)
Sound Pressure92 dB(A)92 dB(A)
Plate Width150 mm230 mm
Plate Length332 mm332 mm
Weight61 kg62 kg
Length x Width x Height726 x 345 x 1025 mm726 x 345 x 1025 mm
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