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Husqvarna LG300 Forward/Reversible Plate Compactor

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Product Details

The Husqvarna LG300 is a mid-range forward/reversible compactor, available with either a 500 or 600 mm wide Hardox steel plate. It is also available with a Honda GX270 petrol engine or a Hatz 1B30 diesel engine. In addition, the diesel engines can be purchased with either manual or electric start. The narrow profile of the LG300 allows its use in trenches or sewage systems. It is also suitable for use on projects such as driveways, pathways and domestic construction projects.

Husqvarna’s LG line of Forward/Reversible compactors are ideal for use on sand, gravel and silt as well as base and sub-base layers. It is important to only compact a single layer at a time, and to avoid over compaction of layers such as sand or gravel.

A paving kit is available which will help protect paving slabs from damage during compaction.

Average Compaction Depths
Sand and Gravel 0.35 m depth after 4 passes
Silt0.2 m depth after 4 passes
Base 0.25 m depth after 4 passes
Sub-Base 0.2 m depth after 4 passes
Features and Benefits
  • Long Working Life - Plates are made from Hardox 400 steel to ensure extreme durability and wear-resistance
  • Reduced Vibration - Minimized handle vibrations protects the operator and allow for longer working periods
  • Easy to Use - Forward/reverse lever and fixed handle grip make handling easy on all surfaces, without the need for constant pushing and pulling
Technical Information
LG 300 Petrol 500 mm (19")
Manual Start
LG 300 Petrol 600 mm (21")
Manual Start
LG 300 Diesel 500 mm (19") Manual StartLG 300 Diesel 600 mm (21") Manual StartLG 300 Diesel 500 mm (19") Electric StartLG 300 Diesel 600 mm (21") Electric Start
EngineHonda GX270Honda GX270Hatz 1B30Hatz 1B30Hatz 1B30Hatz 1B30
Power5.3 kW5.3 kW4.7 kW4.7 kW4.7 kW4.7 kW
Operating Weight265 kg270 kg282 kg287 kg302 kg307 kg
Frequency68 Hz68 Hz68 Hz68 Hz68 Hz68 Hz
Centrifugal Force40 kN40 kN40 kN40 kN40 kN40 kN
Speed25 m/min25 m/min25 m/min25 m/min25 m/min25 m/min
H/A Handle Vibrations2.4 m/s²2.4 m/s²1.7 m/s²1.7 m/s²1.7 m/s²1.7 m/s²
Sound Power Guaranteed106 dB(A)108 dB(A)108 dB(A)108 dB(A)108 dB(A)108 dB(A)
Sound Pressure at Operator's Ear84 dB(A)93 dB(A)85.1 dB(A)93 dB(A)85.1 dB(A)93 dB(A)
Plate Width500 mm500 mm500 mm600 mm500 mm600 mm
Length x Width x Height1334 x 500 x 1126 mm1334 x 500 x 1126 mm1334 x 500 x 1126 mm1134 x 600 x 1126 mm1334 x 500 x 1126 mm1134 x 600 x 1126 mm
Engine StartManual StartManual StartElectric StartElectric StartElectric StartElectric Start
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