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Husqvarna LF80 L Forward Plate Compactor

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Product Details

The Husqvarna LF80 L is a durable, mid-sized forward plate compactor, ideal for compacting thin to medium layers of granular soils. Average compaction depths range from 0.1 m to 0.2 m depending on the soil type. The compaction plate is 420 mm x 570 mm, ideal for medium-sized areas of soil. Effective compaction is key to the success of any construction project. Using Husqvarna LF compactors increase the bearing capacity and durability of soil, helping to protect from swelling, frost or water damage.

The Husqvarna LF80 L is also available as a LAT version, with a front-mounted water tank and transport wheels. This makes the compactor suitable for use on asphalt. Ideal for repair and maintenance work as well as medium-sized projects such as driveways and parking lots. The water tank has an oversized filling cap which allows quicker fill ups and less down time. Using water leaves asphalt smooth and leaves no machine marks on the surface if used correctly.

An easy to attach block paving kit is available for the Husqvarna LF80 L will protect paving blocks from being cracked or scratched.

Average Compaction Depths
Sand and Gravel 0.2 m depth after 4 passes
Silt0.1 m depth after 4 passes
Base 0.15 m depth after 4 passes
Sub-Base 0.1 m depth after 4 passes
Features and Benefits
  • Soil or Asphalt Compaction - The LF80 L is suitable for use on most soil types, while adding a water tank allows its use on asphalt
  • Longer Working Times - Patented technology reduces vibrations, allowing the operator to use the LF80 L for longer
  • Fast and Efficient Compacting - Optimized speed enables fast and easy compaction
  • Low Maintenance - High build quality ensure long service periods
Technical Information
LF 80 LLF 80 LAT
EngineHonda GX160Honda GX160
Power3.6 kW3.6 kW
Operating Weight84 kg95 kg
Frequency95 Hz95 Hz
Centrifugal Force19 kN19 kN
Speed33 m/min33 m/min
H/A Vibrations, Standard Handle6.7 m/s²6.7 m/s²
H/A Vibrations, Reduced Handle1.2 m/s²1.2 m/s²
Sound Power Guaranteed103 dB(A)103 dB(A)
Sound Pressure at Operator's ear91 dB(A)91 dB(A)
Plate Width420 mm420 mm
Plate Length570 mm570 mm
Length x Width x Height960 x 420 x 995 mm960 x 420 x 995 mm
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