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Husqvarna LF75L Compactor

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Product Details

The Husqvarna LF75L is a forward plate compactor. Fast operating speed makes it ideal for compacting thin to medium layers of granular soils. With a unique plate shape and optimized speed, fast and easy compaction and high production rates are easy to achieve.

A low-vibration handle protects the operator from vibration, allowing for longer working periods. Compact design and a foldable handle make transportation and storage easy.

Features and Benefits

  • Comfortable Working - Low levels of vibration protect the user and extend working times
  • Easy to Transport - Low weight facilitates transport and handling
  • Reduced Water Usage - Excellent results using minimal water flow
  • Low Maintenance - High build quality ensure long service periods

Technical Information

Material Application: Soil

Engine: Honda GX100

Power: 3.6kW

Fuel: Petrol

Weight: 82kg

Frequency - 95hz

Speed: 27m per minute

Vibrations on standard handle: 6m/s²

Vibrations on anti-vibration handle: 1.9m/s²

Sound Power Guaranteed - 104dB(A)

Sound Pressure at Ear - 91dB(A)

Plate Width: 420mm

Plate Height: 570mm

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