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Husqvarna LF75 LAT Compactor

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Product Details

The Husqvarna LF75 LAT is a forward plate compactor. Developed and built to compact asphalt and soil efficiently. This model is Ideal for both maintenance work and repair jobs.

A large front-mounted water tank means the compactor can be used for longer, with fewer stops to fill up. An oversized filler cap makes filling the tank even quicker. It is easy to clean and leaves no marks on pavement.

The LF75 LAT is available with either a 420mm or 500mm wide compaction plate.

Features and Benefits

  • Choice of Engine - Available as a petrol or diesel powered compactor
  • Comfortable Working - Low levels of vibration protect the user and extend working times
  • Easy to Transport - Low weight facilitates transport and handling

Technical Information

Material Application: Soil

Engine: Honda GX100

Power: 3.6kW

Fuel: Petrol

Operating Weight - 95/97kg

Frequency - 95hz

Speed: 27m per minute

Vibrations on standard handle: 6m/s²

Vibrations on anti-vibration handle: 1.2m/s²

Sound Power Guaranteed - 104dB(A)

Sound Pressure at Ear - 91dB(A)

Plate Width: 420mm/500mm

Plate Height: 570mm

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