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Husqvarna LF60 LAT Forward Plate Compactor

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Product Details

The Husqvarna LF60 LAT is a lightweight soil and asphalt forward plate compactor, with a built in water tank and transport wheels. Designed for rapid and effective compaction of light soils and asphalt, the LF60 LAT has a low operating weight and narrow build. Combined with the transport wheels, this makes it one of the easiest compactors in the Husqvarna LF range to use and transport. The water tank has an oversized cap to reduce the amount of filling time needed to complete a task. It can use whatever water is available on site.

Compaction helps to protect construction work from the dangers posed by swelling, frost or water. The vibratory compaction delivered by the Husqvarna LF range combines static pressure and dynamic force. This makes forward plate compactors suitable for use on Sand, gravel, rockfill and asphalt. The unique plate design of Husqvarna LF machines allows for the safe compaction of asphalt, and the addition of water helps to create a smooth surface. An easy to attach block paving kit is available which allows the LF60 LAT to be used on paving blocks, reducing the risk of cracks or scratches.

Average Compaction Depths
Sand and Gravel 0.2 m depth after 4 passes
Silt0.1 m depth after 4 passes
Base 0.1 m depth after 4 passes
Sub-Base 0.1 m depth after 4 passes
Features and Benefits
  • Easy to Transport - Low weight facilitates transport and handling
  • Comfortable Working - Low levels of vibration protect the user and extend working times
  • Easy to Use - Compact size and low weight make this compactor easy to use and manoeuvre
  • Low Maintenance - High build quality ensure long service periods
Technical Information
EngineHonda GX100
Power2.1 kW
Operating Weight67 kg
Frequency95 Hz
Centrifugal Force10 kN
Speed25 m/min
H/A Vibrations, Standard Handle7.9 m/s²
H/A Vibrations, Reduced Handle1.9 m/s²
Sound Power Guaranteed100 dB(A)
Sound Pressure at Operator's ear88 dB(A)
Plate Width350 mm
Plate Length545 mm
Length x Width x Height986 x 350 x 968 mm
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