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Husqvarna ELITE-CUT S45 Hard Concrete Cutting Blade

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Product Details

The Husqvarna Elite-Cut S45 is a gold quality blade designed for professional use. The blade's edge is suited to cutting hard and reinforced concrete. It will also cut through softer materials, such as brick and roofing tiles.

Features and Benefits

  • Diagrip™ - The revolutionary Diagrip™ technology ensures an optimal 3D diamond distribution, resulting in superior cutting capacity, longer life and a smooth, rapid cutting
  • Ideal for concrete and hard materials - Developed for fast cutting in universal construction materials, with a focus on hard and reinforced concrete
  • Long life- To tackle the high power of the machine, the blade are equipped with narrow water slots that give a wider segment, longer service and increased life
  • Optimal Cutting - Hard Concrete, Reinforced Concrete
  • Good Cutting - Brick, Roof tile
  • Acceptable Cutting - Abrasive Materials

Technical Information

Blade Configuration: Segmented

Segment Height: 12mm

Coolant: Wet/Dry

Arbor Diameter on 300mm: 20mm

Arbor Diameter on 350mm and Above: 20/25.4mm

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