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Husqvarna EL35 CNB Cut and Break Diamond Blade

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Product Details

Husqvarna EL35 CNB Cut and Break Diamond Blade

Features and Benefits

  • Smooth and free-cutting start - The design of the segment provides a reduced contact surface in the concrete
  • Extreme cutting depth - The blades are specially designed to stand the unique cutting depth up to 400 mm
  • Twin blades - With the specially developed blades this tool provides high cutting speed and power
  • Incorporated pulley - Pulley incorporated into the blade.
  • Good balance between performance and cost - This diamond tool has a good performance/price ratio thanks to the high performance output
  • Optimal Cutting - Concrete medium, Concrete soft
  • Good Cutting - Concrete hard, Brick
  • Acceptable Cutting - Block, Abrasive

Technical Information

Blade Configuration: Segmented

Segment Height: 10.55mm

Segment Length: 40mm

Segment Width: 24mm

Number of Segments: 15

Coolant: Wet

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