Husqvarna PRIME™ Electric Disc Cutters

The Husqvarna K6500 Electric Disc Cutter

The Husqvarna K6500 is a high frequency PRIME™ electric disc cutter. This is Husqvarna’s most powerful electric cutter, with high power output and low vibration levels. A well balanced saw, the K6500 is very efficient and easy to use. The PRIME™ product range will enable the user to use the same power pack across all PRIME™ machines. The K6500 can be used with the PP65 powerpack as a source. Expand the system as your needs develop.

The Husqvarna K6500 Ring Saw Electric Disc Cutter

The Husqvarna K6500 Ring is equipped with high frequency PRIME™ technology. High power output, a well-balanced body and low vibration levels help to increase the saw’s efficiency and ease of use. The ring blade allows for an incredible 325mm depth of cut from one side. This make the K6500 Ring the ideal saw for cutting doors or windows. It is also very popular for pipe cutting.

Husqvarna K6500 Chain Electric Concrete Cutter

The Husqvarna K6500 Chain is a powerful electric chain cutter. With K6500 Chain it is possible to cut 450mm deep from one side. It is often used alongside wall saws to avoid overcutting at corners. It can also be used for cutting irregular or small openings for pipes or vents. As with all PRIME™ products you are free to expand the system as your needs develop, utilising the same power packs.

Husqvarna PP65 Prime Electric Power Pack

The PP65 is a versatile electric power pack, developed for the high frequency PRIME™ product range. The compact design, low weight and user-friendly interface with digital menu makes Husqvarna PP65 easy to use and transport. Connects to both 3-phase and 1-phase power.

Husqvarna PRIME™ Electric Disc Cutters

The Husqvarna PRIME™ range is a group of high performance electric cutting and drilling equipment. Using high frequency current, supplied by advanced PRIME™ power packs, this range of cutting tools bring a new level of efficiency and usability to electric dis cutters. The range also includes a wall saw, core drill and concrete chainsaw.

The is the first generation of electric tools that can out-perform hydraulic systems. Construction work becomes easier and faster, with fewer concerns around breakdowns and refuelling. Intelligent design ensures optimal power and rpm for each job. A single power pack will fit all machines and tools in the range. The tools are also lighter, leading to longer working periods. All electrical components are carefully shielded from dust and water and are separated from vibrating sections of the tools.

These are the ideal tools to meet the challenges of modern construction work. Electric disc cutters have reduced noise and no fumes. This means that cutting can take place with less disruption to the surrounding environment. It also helps to protect the operator and keep them safe from the damage petrol fumes can cause.
Husqvarna PRIME™ electric concrete cutting tools are the next step for companies that want to advance their efficiency and effectiveness on site.