The Husqvarna MT85 is a good performance blade specifically designed for cutting abrasive concrete or asphalt. The MT85 300mm has an easy fit bush to fit both 20mm and 25.4mm bore on all common 300mm disc cutters. There are special segments for undercutting protection and for the money presents outstanding value. The MT85 is available today from

Husqvarna MT85

Benefits of the Husqvarna MT85

  • Easy fit centre hole.
  • Ideal for asphalt.
  • Good balance between performance and cost.
  • Safety features.
  • Easy cuts in abrasive materials and asphalt.
  • More comfortable cutting.


Technical Specifications

Center hole diameter25.4 / 20 mm / 1 / 0.79
Segment height8 mm / 0.31 “
Segment base2 mm / 0.08 “