The Husqvarna MT65 is a good performance universal blade for cutting concrete, bricks and abrasive concrete. It is 300mm with an easy fit bush to fit both 20mm to 25,4mm bore on all common 300mm disc cutters regardless of the make or the age. The Husqvarna MT65 will cut all normal and abrasive construction materials including occasional cuts in steel. This blade is excellent value for money, with special segments making it possible to also grind edges when needed to. The Husqvarna MT65 is available from today along with a huge range of other blades for all sized disc cutters. Visit our website to see all the blades we stock and the excellent prices available.

Husqvarna MT65

Benefits of the Husqvarna MT65

  • Easy-fit centre hole
  • Smooth and free-cutting start
  • Good balance between performance and cost
  • Safety
  • Stability
  • More comfortable cutting
  • High speed in universal construction materials


Blade Specification

Center hole diameter25.4 / 20 mm / 1 / 0.79 “


Segment height8 mm / 0.31 “
Segment base2 mm / 0.08 “