The Husqvarna K770

The Husqvarna K770 is a powerful all-round petrol disc cutter, popular with construction contractors. Launched in 2018, this is the continuation of the popular K760 and K750 models. It takes the strengths of those machines, while adding an array of additional benefits and features. The semi-automatic SmartTension™ system provides the optimum power transmission, while minimizing wear and maximizing the belt’s life. The K770’s low weight, and reliable start help to increase workplace productivity. Husqvarna have also worked hard to ensure that the K770 has exceptionally low vibrations, which mean less strain on the user and longer work periods. Road work is possible using the K770 with a KV7 trolley. This makes it easy for the operator to cut in a straight or curved track or close to pavement or sidewalk.

The Standard Husqvarna K770 Petrol Disc Cutter

Available in either 300mm or 350mm, the K770 is able to handle the majority of construction cutting. The wide range of Husqvarna blades will allow the K770 to cut brick, block, concrete, asphalt and stone. The new heavy duty cutting arm has been redesigned to give more stability and torsional rigidity when cutting.

The semi-automatic SmartTension™ helps to reduce the risk of either under or over tensioning, meaning the belt lasts longer and provides optimal power transmission.The K770 is also easy to start, thanks to the unique design of the carburettor, cylinder and digital ignition system. An air purge and decompression valve ensure the K770 starts efficiently. The starter mechanism is dust sealed further reducing the need for maintenance. Findasaw provides all standard K770 machines with a Tacti-Cut S50 diamond cutting blade.

The Husqvarna K770 Oilguard Petrol Disc Cutter

One of the most common problems when using any disc cutter is damage caused by the wrong oil-fuel mix, or the wrong oil type. The Husqvarna K770 Oilguard protects machines against this with an optical detection system. The Oilguard model will only work with Husqvarna Oilguard oil. This is perfect if the saw is going to be used by a crew of contractors who may be unfamiliar with power cutters. It is also popular for use in the hire industry, when it is hard to determine the experience level of the user.

The Husqvarna K770 Oilguard has all the features the standard K770 come with, including the efficient start and the outstanding power-to-weight ratio. Available as a 300mm or 350mm disc cutter.

The Husqvarna K770 Vac

New for 2019, the Husqvarna K770 Vac has been redesigned to provide a solution to the problem of concrete dust. The dust produced by cutting poses a risk to the operator’s health and the site. Using water will convert the dust into slurry, but slurry also needs to be dealt with and is not suitable for every job. The K770 Vac connects to an H-Class Dust Extractor to remove and seal dust away while the cutting is ongoing.

Another impressive feature of the K770 vac is the front mounted gearbox. This allows for a cutting depth of 122mm, while using a 300mm blade. That is very close to the 125mm depth achieved by the standard 350mm K770.

The front guard folds back to remain flush to the wall. This helps to trap concrete and silica dust particles without disrupting the cutting. Regulations surrounding air quality in construction environments are becoming more rigorous. The K770 Vac provides an excellent solution, along with all the cutting power that contractors have come to expect from Husqvarna Disc Cutters.

Husqvarna Accessories for the K770

To get the best out of a disc cutter, it sometimes pays to invest in suitable accessories. This can broaden the range of cutting options available or help to cut straighter for longer. There is also the option to cut using water to lubricate the cut and reduce the risk of dust contaminating the environment.