The Husqvarna K3600 MkII hydraulic power cutter provides eccentric drive of the blade meaning it can give a huge cutting depth compared to a traditional power cutter. Suitable for a wide window of applications. It’s particularly well suited for working indoors due to no exhaust fumes and low noise levels. It has a maximum cutting depth of 270mm, and comes ready to go with a Husqvarna R820 ring. For more information call Findasaw today on (01691) 655755.

Husqvarna K3600 MkII

Features and benefits of the Husqvarna K3600 MKII

  • Deep cutting thanks to the peripheral drive you can cut far deeper than with a traditional power cutter. The cutting depth of 270mm is sufficient to cut through a normal wall from one side only.
  • With no fumes and low noise levels hydraulic cutters are ideal for both indoor and outdoor jobs.
  • Hydraulics is an excellent way to transfer high power without the cutter becoming heavy.
  • Adjustable front handle which facilitates maneuverable cutting.


Technical Spec of the Husqvarna K3600 MKII

Power output: 4.3 kW

Hydraulic flow, max: 40 l/min / 10 gal/min

Hydraulic pressure: 140 bar

Max cutting depth: 270 mm / 10.6 inch

Blade diameter: 370 mm / 14 inch

Weight (excl. cutting equipment): 8.3 kg / 18.3 lbs

Vibrations front handle: 4.3 m/s²

Vibrations rear handle: 6 m/s²

Sound power level, guaranteed (LWA): 111 dB(A)

Sound pressure level at operators ear: 99 dB(A)