Wet and dry cutting in one machine! The Husqvarna K3000 electric all round wet cutter that minimises the amount of water and slurry. With the optional Vac unit you can easily transform it into a dry cutter that generates minimal dust. Unlike other electric cutters, the blade rotates forward, cutting into the material efficiently with minimum effort on the user. A 14″ (350mm) saw for a maximum cutting depth of 125mm.

The Husqvarna K3000 fits into my category of interesting and useful machines since it is a big, a powerful disc cutter with an electric motor. The advantages of electric power are many. The K3000 is quieter, lighter than its two stroke equivalents, does not pollute and is fume free. It banishes loud two stroke motors and their accompanying hassle. No need to pack fuel or a spare spark plug and there is not the hassle of struggling with a starter cord on a cold morning. All I needed to get the K3000 started was a 110V site transformer and an electrical power source.

Electric power makes the Husqvarna K3000 an ideal machine to use in semi enclosed spaces where there might not be enough ventilation to prevent a build up of petrol fumes and it is also useful where irritating engine noise could be a problem. Worksites near schools and hospitals for example, should aim to keep noise pollution to a minimum.

The Husqvarna K3000 is available today from Findasaw.com. For more information call (01691) 655755.

Husqvarna K3000

Features and benefits of the Husqvarna K3000

  • Constant-flow water valve – The integrated regulator controls the water volume, ensuring a constant flow to the blade. It also ensures the amount of water is sufficient to bind the dust without creating an excess of water.
  • Ergonomically designed rear handle – The convenient design of the rear handle makes operation easier.
  • High durability and low noise levels – Generously dimensioned mitre gear provides high durability, minimal power loss and low noise levels.
  • Overload protection – Husqvarna’s ElgardTM system protects against overload by varying the rotation speed.


The Husqvarna K3000 in action.