New range of Husqvarna Diamond Saw Blades added to our online store available for purchase.

Concrete cutting, metals and asphalt. Good discounts and stock. Blades for both concrete cutting and universal blades for other materials. specialising in Petrol Disc Cutters also Husqvarna Construction Products UK Dealer. Trade counter and online shop with Free UK delivery on most products. The blades section of our site has been created to make it easy to find the right blade. Performance indicators show which blades perform best on certain materials. Bulk order discount structures to get better value for money. Husqvarna Diamond Saw Blades are available in 12″ (300mm), 14″ (350mm) and 16″ (400mm). Also rescue blades, diamond chains, abrasive and rail saw blades available too.

Some of the blades we stock include Husqvarna CM15, MT15, MT65, MT85. MT85 is ideal for cutting Asphalt. Entry level blades start from £19.95. Abrasive discs in all popular sizes ideal for cutting metal and steel. The rescue blades are designed for various materials that you may need to cut in emergency situations such as metals, wood, fibre glass, concrete.

The top end range of husqvarna diamond saw blades are premium quality. The range is AS45, AS85, S1435, S1445, S1465, S1485.

Materials these blades have a high performance in cutting are stones, granite, marble, cured hard concrete, reinforced concrete, soft abrasive concrete, brick, roof tiles, abrasive materials, asphalt, steel metals, iron.

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Also visit the Husqvarna Construction website for more technical information on the products.


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Husqvarna Diamond Saw Blades

Husqvarna Diamond Saw Blades husqvarna mt15 blade mt65 husqvarna asphalt blade s1445 concrete blade ring saw diamond blade