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Husqvarna Diamond Blades

Husqvarna Diamond Blades are one of the leading brands in the industry.They are sold in a variety of different versions, to cut a wide range of different materials, including abrasive materials, concrete, granite, marble, asphalt, brick, roof tiles and many more.They are suitable for all types of jobs and can be used to cut a wide range of materials as well as being able to use then in conjunction with your disc cutter. Husqvarna has a wide range which consist of blades for tools such as disc cutters, ring saws, concrete chainsaws, floor saws, angle grinders, Cut-n-Break saw, tile and masonry saws.

Types of blades include CM15, MT15, MT65, MT85, VARI-CUT BLADES, S1435, S1445, S1465, S1485, EL10, EL35, EL70, GS2, GS50, R820, R845, R870, R1420, R1445.

We have range from cheap, budget blades to high quality premium blades for all types of concrete cutting. Universal blades will cover anything from reinforced concrete to asphalt, tarmac cutting. For hard and soft materials.

Husqvarna Diamond Blades Sizes

A wide range of sizes include 12″ 300mm , 14″ 350mm  and 16″ 400mm, the different sizes enable you to cut different depths in your chosen material.
Husqvarna Diamond blades range has introduced the new series S 1400 Diagrip2™. This range of Husqvarna diamond blade uses the unique Diagrip2™ technology, this enables superior cutting capacity, long life and smooth, rapid cuts – even in heavily reinforced concrete.
They are many different brands of blades on the market for all types of materials but when it comes to a brand that has quality then Husqvarna speaks for itself with their experience in the manufacturing of quality products. We are one of Husqvarna Construction Products main suppliers and our range is always expanding. For any information on the products that is not available on the website then do not hesitate to contact us on 01691 655 755, Or our shop address is Unit 2 The Tradestop, Maes-y-Clawdd, Oswestry, Shropshire, SY10 8NU. Surrounding areas include Welshpool, Wrexham, Chester, Shrewsbury. We do offer free delivery on most products.
Vari Cut Blade

Vari Cut Blade


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Husqvarna 236 Parts

Husqvarna 236 PARTS / Chainsaw Spares

We are stockists of all genuine Husqvarna 236  Parts.

The Husqvarna 236 is the one of the more lighter duty chainsaws of the Husqvarna range.The 236 is aimed more for lighter gardening jobs, such as pruning, felling of small trees and for cutting firewood.The perfect chainsaw for the  occasional chainsaw user.

Husqvarna 236 parts

We stock genuine Husqvarna parts for the 236 chainsaw

Click here to see and order the parts on our website

If you own a chainsaw and working with it just about every day, then you will know that eventually parts do wear down or get broke accidentally, This is something we also understand and why we only stock the Husqvarna 236 genuine parts. By looking on our website under the Husqvarna 236 parts section  , you will see diagrams that show all the spare parts and you can also see exactly where they fit on the machine itself.

We do stock every part and from time to time we may have a demand to supply more than normal, so if we don’t have the item in stock we will order you product part direct from Husqvarna, and usually receive the goods the next working day.

Its been proven time and time again that third part spares don’t last as long as the genuine Husqvarna parts. Our service team repair saws on a regular basis, and find far too often faults that have been caused by third party parts failing.As we have said before , we understand that machine parts do break and wear down over time and with heavy every day usage… However using the correct and genuine part will help your machine to run more efficiently.

This is one of many machines we cover parts for and is a category we are constantly expanding in. Should you require parts for any other machine then feel free to email us at info@findasaw.com or telephone us on 01691 655 755.

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Husqvarna Diamond Saw Blades – For Disc Cutters

New range of Husqvarna Diamond Saw Blades added to our online store available for purchase.

Concrete cutting, metals and asphalt. Good discounts and stock. Blades for both concrete cutting and universal blades for other materials. Findasaw.com specialising in Petrol Disc Cutters also Husqvarna Construction Products UK Dealer. Trade counter and online shop with Free UK delivery on most products. The blades section of our site has been created to make it easy to find the right blade. Performance indicators show which blades perform best on certain materials. Bulk order discount structures to get better value for money. Husqvarna Diamond Saw Blades are available in 12″ (300mm), 14″ (350mm) and 16″ (400mm). Also rescue blades, diamond chains, abrasive and rail saw blades available too.

Some of the blades we stock include Husqvarna CM15, MT15, MT65, MT85. MT85 is ideal for cutting Asphalt. Entry level blades start from £19.95. Abrasive discs in all popular sizes ideal for cutting metal and steel. The rescue blades are designed for various materials that you may need to cut in emergency situations such as metals, wood, fibre glass, concrete.

The top end range of husqvarna diamond saw blades are premium quality. The range is AS45, AS85, S1435, S1445, S1465, S1485.

Materials these blades have a high performance in cutting are stones, granite, marble, cured hard concrete, reinforced concrete, soft abrasive concrete, brick, roof tiles, abrasive materials, asphalt, steel metals, iron.

Please click the link to our Saw Blades Section of our website.

Also visit the Husqvarna Construction website for more technical information on the products.


husqvarna el70 cnb cut n break blades

Husqvarna Diamond Saw Blades

Husqvarna Diamond Saw Blades husqvarna mt15 blade mt65 husqvarna asphalt blade s1445 concrete blade ring saw diamond blade

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Makita EK6100 offer £420 inc vat and delivery

Special offer while stocks last. Bargain Price! £420 including vat and delivery.

Brand new in the box, Makita EK6100 cut off saw with Makita warranty.

12″, 300mm Saw.

A manual and blade tool is also included. Free Delivery.

User benefits

  • Rapid start pull force required to start the machine is drastically reduced with spring-assisted recoil starter.
  • Touch and Stop Switch
  • Fuel primer for easy starting.
  • High quality driving belt does not require tensioning once the proper tension is adjusted.
  • Enhanced Air Filtration
  • Developed in compliance with all known exhaust emission regulations
  • Lightweight; 1.2kg (2.6lbs) lighter than DPC6430
  • Water supply with intake filter and fine adjustment for adequate dust protection.
Technical specifications

Max. Cutting Depth
110 mm
Noise sound pressure
100 dB(A)
Noise sound power
109 dB(A)
20 mm
Max Wheel Speed
5,100 rpm
Wheel diameter
305 mm
Power Rating
4.2 hp
Fuel Tank Capacity
0.7 litres
Fuel Type
Mixed Gasoline
61 cm³
Power Rating
3.2 kW
Vibration: Right Handle (Rear grip)
3.6 m/sec²
Vibration: Left Handle (Front grip)
3.0 m/sec²
Net weight
8.5 kg

bargain price

bargain price

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