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Husqvarna K3600 MkII Hydraulic Ring Saw

The Husqvarna K3600 MkII hydraulic power cutter provides eccentric drive of the blade meaning it can give a huge cutting depth compared to a traditional power cutter. Suitable for a wide window of applications. It’s particularly well suited for working indoors due to no exhaust fumes and low noise levels. It has a maximum cutting depth of 270mm, and comes ready to go with a Husqvarna R820 ring. For more information call Findasaw today on (01691) 655755.

Husqvarna K3600 MkII

Features and benefits of the Husqvarna K3600 MKII

  • Deep cutting thanks to the peripheral drive you can cut far deeper than with a traditional power cutter. The cutting depth of 270mm is sufficient to cut through a normal wall from one side only.
  • With no fumes and low noise levels hydraulic cutters are ideal for both indoor and outdoor jobs.
  • Hydraulics is an excellent way to transfer high power without the cutter becoming heavy.
  • Adjustable front handle which facilitates maneuverable cutting.


Technical Spec of the Husqvarna K3600 MKII

Power output: 4.3 kW

Hydraulic flow, max: 40 l/min / 10 gal/min

Hydraulic pressure: 140 bar

Max cutting depth: 270 mm / 10.6 inch

Blade diameter: 370 mm / 14 inch

Weight (excl. cutting equipment): 8.3 kg / 18.3 lbs

Vibrations front handle: 4.3 m/s²

Vibrations rear handle: 6 m/s²

Sound power level, guaranteed (LWA): 111 dB(A)

Sound pressure level at operators ear: 99 dB(A)

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Husqvarna K2500 400mm Hydraulic Disc Cutter

Husqvarna K2500 power cutters work with a 400mm cutting blade and can be used as a pre cut saw. The Husqvarna K2500 is surprisingly light, powerful and very easy to use, improving work efficiency and the overall productivity of a job. The saw is made to be used both indoors and outdoors as there are no fumes. Noise levels of the product are very low in comparison to other saws available on the market today. This 400mm saw has a maximum cutting depth of 145mm and includes a Husqvarna S1220 Premium Precut Blade. The Husqvarna K2500 and all accessories and blades are available from Findasaw.com for more information please call (01691) 655755.

Husqvarna K2500

Benefits of the Husqvarna K2500

  • A hydraulic saw which is an excellent way to transfer high power without the cutter becoming too heavy.
  • There are no fumes and minimal noise which means the saw can be used both indoors and outdoors.
  • A drive belt with a fully sealed transmission that keeps out dust and reduces wear and tear allowing close cutting to walls and floor.


Accessories available for use with the Husqvarna K2500

Husqvarna K2500Husqvarna K2500

If there is no water supply nearby, you can use a pressurised water tank. Pumping the handle a few times gives the required pressure. The tank holds over thirteen litres of water and comes complete with a three metre hose. Which is connected to the wet cutting kit on the machine.

The water hose is connected with a quick connection to the wet cutting kit or direct to the machine. The quick connection at the other end connects to the pressurised water tank or another water supply. The hose is nine metres long and has multiple sections that can be joined together.

Husqvarna K2500 Blades

Husqvarna K2500 blades

The blades to be used with the Husqvarna K2500 are the S1220 H, S1240 H, S1220 H Precut, S1240 H Precut. All these blades are available today from Findasaw.com please call for more information on (01691) 655755.

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