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Husqvarna Early-Entry Soff-Cut Saws

Soff-Cut Saw

The Husqvarna Soff-Cut saws solve one of the biggest problems contractors face. Once concrete has been laid it begins to dry and as it dries cracks form. The best most contractors and building crews can do is hope the cracks are not too wide or difficult to fill. Until recently cutting the concrete while it was still drying was not advised. This is because drying concrete will chip and break easily. The Soff-Cut range of early-entry saws are designed to cut early in the drying process. The anti-ravel skid plate keeps pressure on the concrete so the saw can cut without breaking or tearing the concrete even though it is still soft. Importantly this minimises the risk of random cracking because you are controlling where the internal stresses are focused.


Concrete shrinkage crackingControl concrete shrinkage cracking
As the concrete dries it develops internal stresses, leading to cracks.With an early -entry saw a joint can be sawn within the first few hours of laying. This helps control the direction of the crack as it forms.


The husqvarna Soff-Cut Saw range is now available on our website, as are the blades and any accessories you may need. There are a total of four saws available to meet the differing needs of the industry.

Soff-Cut 150 Saw

Husqvarna Soff-Cut 150

The Soff-Cut 150 is the smallest and easiest to transport model in the range. Designed for smaller areas, this saw is easy to use and convenient to convey between sites. Low noise means this is the right choice for most residential areas, or other sites which need minimal disruption.



Soff-Cut 2000 Saw

Husqvarna Soff-Cut 2000 Early Entry Saw

The Soff-Cut 2000 is ideal for medium to heavy duty commercial and industrial sites. Three different blade widths are available, so you have a range of options when you want to control cracking.



Soff-Cut 4000 Saw

Husqvarna Soff-Cut 4000 Early Entry Saw

The Soff-Cut 4000 is a heavy duty machine for large industrial sites and paving applications. With a larger engine than the smaller models this self-propelled saw delivers great results in larger areas.



Soff-Cut 4200 Saw

Husqvarna Soff-Cut 4200 Early Entry Saw

The Soff-Cut 4200 is the largest model in the range. Fully featured with a 23 hp twin-cylinder petrol engine, three-stage cyclonic air cleaner, oil cooler, full-pressure oil lubrication, hydraulic valve lifters, mechanical fuel pump and an oil alert light. Despite all of these features, the 4200 has a lightweight frame to reduce the footprint on green concrete. Ideal for large area industrial, commercial and paving applications. 



These saws offer a revolutionary approach to laying concrete, cutting down on expenses and reducing time spent on site. For further details on how these saws work you can visit Husqvarna’s web page here or alternatively you can contact us and we will be happy to explain the process involved in cutting green concrete.

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Husqvarna FS 413 Floor Saw For Great Performance

The highly versatile Husqvarna FS 413 is a compact petrol push floor saw developed with a clear focus on your comfort. Ideal for small to mid sized service and repair jobs in asphalt and concrete. Cuts up to 189 mm deep. The floor saw comes with a S1435 500mm blade to get you under way. For more information on the FS 413 call Findasaw today on (01691) 655755.

Husqvarna FS 413

Features and benefits of the Husqvarna FS 413

  • Engine and blade shaft mounting system increases comfort and gives excellent cutting performance.
  • The IntelliSeal blade shaft system allows for a minimum of 250 maintenance free hours without daily greasing of bearings.
  • Spring assisted screw feed facilitates blade adjustment in and out of the cut.
  • Compact saw that is easy to lift.


Technical Spec of the Husqvarna FS 413


Motor manufacturerHonda
Max output (As rated by the engine manufacturer)8.7 kW / 11.7 hp

Cutting equipment

Diamond blade, max457.2 mm / 18 “
Max cutting depth189 mm / 7.6 inch


Weight163 kg / 359.35 lbs
Product size, LxWxH1550x655x1200 mm / 61.02×25.79×47.24 inch
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Husqvarna FS400 LV for easy to use floor sawing

The robust Husqvarna FS400 LV is a convenient all-round petrol push floor saw. The adjustable handle ensures an ergonomic working position. Perfect weight distribution gives excellent stability while sawing. Ideal for small road repair jobs in concrete or asphalt, up to 162 mm cutting depth. The Husqvarna FS400 LV is available in stock today at Findasaw.com to take away, or available for next day delivery upon payment, please call (01691) 655755 gfor further information on this popular dynamic floor saw.

Husqvarna FS400 LV Floor Saw

Features and benefits of the Husqvarna FS400 LV


East to operate

Husqvarna FS400 LV

Productive and robust with excellent weight distribution and stability to help the operator use the floor saw to its optimum.

Adjustable handles

Husqvarna FS400 LV

Provides a closer and more comfortable position to the cutting side for easier alignment and straighter cuts. Handle can also be folded for transportation purposes.

Easy to transport

Husqvarna FS400 LV

Compact saw that is easy to lift into any van to help the ease of transportation of the floor saw.

Large integrated water tank

Husqvarna FS400 LV

Quick connection for water hose to the blade guard. No tools required for dis-assembly enabling further ease of use of the floor saw.


The recommended blades are VN85, S1445, S1465, S1485 and VN45 for imformation regarding the correct blade to use for what job please visit Findasaw.com and navigate to the parts page for blade specifications and prices.


Motor manufacturerHonda
Max output (As rated by the engine manufacturer)8.7 kW / 11.7 hp
Cutting equipment
Diamond blade, max450 mm / 18 “
Max cutting depth162 mm / 6.5 inch
Weight99 kg / 218.25 lbs
Product size, LxWxH1150x590x940 mm / 45.28×23.23×37.01 inch
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