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Diamond Cutting Blades

Whether you are cutting concrete, stone or asphalt, you are cutting some of the hardest materials known to man. In order to cut through these materials with maximum precision, speed and efficiency you need tools that are harder still. Diamond cutting blades are the best solution for the job and at findasaw.com we stock the very best in Husqvarna tools.

Because of the wide range of materials, and the differences between machines, it is important to ensure that you are picking the right disc for the right job. Furthermore it is worth thinking about how long you will be using the diamond cutting blade for. With the diagrams and advice below we want to help you make the right choices for your job or project.

Diamond Cutting Blades Chart


Diamond Cutting Blades Chart


GOLD Diamond Cutting Blades

Husqvarna Elite-Cut blades are for specialist contractors. Developed especially for intensive professional use in specialist applications. These discs provide maximum cutting speed and wear resistance in heavy cutting.Husqvarna Gold Diamond Cutting Blades

SILVER Diamond Cutting Blades

Husqvarna Vari-Cut blades are for general contractors. Developed for professional use in all-round applications. These discs provide high cutting speed and wear resistance in all cutting.Husqvarna Silver Diamond Cutting Blades

BRONZE Diamond Cutting Blades

Husqvarna Tacti-Cut blades are for occasional users. These discs provide a good balance between performance and price in common cutting and drilling applications.Husqvarna Bronze Diamond Cutting Blades

Time is money, and choosing the correct diamond cutting blades and can save you a lot of time. Buying from findasaw.com means you can always get qualified help and advice if something does not work as you expect. Remember, price and quality tend to go together. A low-cost blade might seem like a saving, but if you are going to use the tool professionally you may need to replace it faster than you might like. Consequently it is important to look at the lifetime use of the diamond cutting blade before you make a purchase decision.

Another major consideration in that the diamond cutting blade should be adapted to the machine’s power as well as the application and the materials you will cut. You can either opt for a universal tool that works well on several different materials or an optimised tool designed for cutting a specific material. Be sure to check that the bore will fit with the machine you are planning to use.

Decide which of the tool’s properties is most important to you – cutting speed or wear resistance. While a high cutting speed helps you get the job done quickly, and with less effort, it can result in a shortened lifespace of the blade. High wear resistance means longer service life in more extensive jobs, but ensure you are aware that you will be taking more time to cut through. Whatever you need, we will work with you to make sure you have the right tools to continue your work.

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Husqvarna MT85 Diamond Blade For Asphalt Cutting.

The Husqvarna MT85 is a good performance blade specifically designed for cutting abrasive concrete or asphalt. The MT85 300mm has an easy fit bush to fit both 20mm and 25.4mm bore on all common 300mm disc cutters. There are special segments for undercutting protection and for the money presents outstanding value. The MT85 is available today from Findasaw.com.

Husqvarna MT85

Benefits of the Husqvarna MT85

  • Easy fit centre hole.
  • Ideal for asphalt.
  • Good balance between performance and cost.
  • Safety features.
  • Easy cuts in abrasive materials and asphalt.
  • More comfortable cutting.


Technical Specifications

Center hole diameter25.4 / 20 mm / 1 / 0.79
Segment height8 mm / 0.31 “
Segment base2 mm / 0.08 “
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Husqvarna MT15 for concrete disc cutting

The Husqvarna MT15 is a good performance blade for cutting concrete and bricks. It has a 14mm segment of diamond as opposed to the standard 10mm on most blades. It is 350mm with easy fit bush to fit both 20mm and 25.4mm bores on all common 350mm disc cutters. The blade cuts all standard types of construction material and is very good value for money. The Husqvarna MT15 has a very good ratio between lifespan and price and is available from Findasaw.com today. For more information on the MT15 please call (01691) 655755.
Husqvarna MT15

Benefits of the Husqvarna MT15


  • The blade has an easyfit centre hole position.
  • There is good balance between performance and cost.
  • Excellent safety on the blade.
  • Excellent stability on the blade when in use.
  • Comfortable cutting when in use.
  • Works at high speed when cutting hard materials.
  • High speed cutting on universal construction materials.


Blade specification
Center hole diameter25.4 / 20 mm / 1 / 0.79 “
Segment height13.5 mm / 0.53 “
Segment base2 mm / 0.08 “
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Husqvarna MT65 300mm Diamond Blade for Disc Cutters

The Husqvarna MT65 is a good performance universal blade for cutting concrete, bricks and abrasive concrete. It is 300mm with an easy fit bush to fit both 20mm to 25,4mm bore on all common 300mm disc cutters regardless of the make or the age. The Husqvarna MT65 will cut all normal and abrasive construction materials including occasional cuts in steel. This blade is excellent value for money, with special segments making it possible to also grind edges when needed to. The Husqvarna MT65 is available from Findasaw.com today along with a huge range of other blades for all sized disc cutters. Visit our website to see all the blades we stock and the excellent prices available.

Husqvarna MT65

Benefits of the Husqvarna MT65

  • Easy-fit centre hole
  • Smooth and free-cutting start
  • Good balance between performance and cost
  • Safety
  • Stability
  • More comfortable cutting
  • High speed in universal construction materials


Blade Specification

Center hole diameter25.4 / 20 mm / 1 / 0.79 “


Segment height8 mm / 0.31 “
Segment base2 mm / 0.08 “



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