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Chainsaw Clothing and Forestry PPE

Chainsaws have the potential to cause serious injury, but that risk can be mitigated with high quality chainsaw clothing. Most injuries caused by chainsaws are to the hands, legs and feet. Less than ten percent of chainsaw accidents involve the head of neck, although wearing a chainsaw helmet to protect yourself is rarely a bad idea.

At findasaw.com we stock a range of PPE, including chainsaw trousers, boots and gloves. Customers often have questions about these products, so we are laying out as much information as we can.


Chainsaw Clothing: Trousers

chainsaw clothing trousers

We receive more questions about the different types of chainsaw trousers than we do about any other PPE. Firstly, there is the difference between type A and type C. Type A trousers have protection at the front only. This is where most accidents are likely to occur. Type C have protection all the way around the legs, front and back. This is usually more important for professional tree surgeons, who need to work in tight and awkward spaces. Type C is also advisable for those working alongside other chainsaw users.

We then have the class of chainsaw clothing. The class refers to the speed of the chainsaw used in the test. Effectively the higher the class, the more protection. The trade-off is that that the chainsaw trousers are more expensive, hotter and heavier.

chainsaw clothing type Achainsaw clothing type C>


Chainsaw Clothing: Boots

chainsaw clothing boots

Chainsaw boots are another important aspect of chainsaw clothing. The protection offered is either protective toe cap, or protective toecap and midsole. We have chosen to stock only boots which offer full protection, so any boots you see on our website offer toecap and midsole protection.

Like any other shoes or boots, it is important that chainsaw boots fit comfortably. Your chainsaw clothing is no use if it is causing you to slip or move on a regular basis. We recommend coming to visit us, so you can try boots on if possible. However, if you buy online be sure to try the boots on somewhere dry and clean so that you can return them for another size if they do not fit.


Chainsaw Clothing: Gloves

chainsaw clothing gloves

Chainsaw gloves, like other forms of chainsaw clothing, will use the class rating. The higher the class the more protection they offer. Some gloves offer left hand only protection, as this is normally the hand closest to the chain. Other offer protection on both hands. Higher rated gloves can feel stiff and reduce dexterity, so ensure that you are comfortable and that the glove fits correctly.

We also include climbing gloves in our range of chainsaw clothing. These do not offer any extra protection against chainsaw accidents.


Of course, we offer other types of chainsaw clothing as well, including chainsaw helmets, ear protectors, goggles and safety glasses. More our full range please check out the PPE section of our website, and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries or special requirements.

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Stihl MS 231 chainsaw for all those autumn garden needs.

The Stihl MS 231 chainsaw is designed for private owner use felling smaller trees and working on everyday garden tasks. The Stihl MS 231 is ideal for cutting up firewood and general landscape maintenance work. The chainsaw is ideal for those autumn gardening requirements. The STIHL 2-MIX engine ensures that emissions are reduced by up to 70%. Fuel consumption is up to 20% lower compared to a STIHL 2-stroke engine of the same power. The Stihl MS 231 and all the spare bars, chains, and parts can be purchased from Findasaw.com. Findasaw also offers chainsaw service and repairs, so call today for more information on (01691) 655755.

Stihl MS 231

Benefits of the Stihl MS 231:

Stay sharper for longer

The Stihl MS 231 chainsaw has something very special to offer, it is fitted as standard with an ultra-tough ‘stay sharper’ saw chain called STIHL Picco Duro. The Picco Duro’s cutters have precision soldered carbide tips, that stay sharp up to four times as long as a standard chain. This not only reduces the frequency of sharpening, it also makes Picco Duro a great choice for cutting ‘dirty’ wood for example mud covered timber or railway sleepers. 

Easy handling

The Stihl MS 231 chainsaw is designed for simplicity and comfort in use. Which makes it safer as well as more pleasant to work with, and with the standard anti vibration system adds to the comfort of the user.

Minimal maintenance

Findasaw offers all your chainsaw needs from oils and lubricants, PPE, spare parts and service and repair for your chainsaw. On an everyday basis, the Stihl MS 231 chainsaw is designed to require minimal routine maintenance. The advanced air filter system for example, ‘pre cleans’ the intake air before it even enters the filter, which extends the time between filter cleaning and extending air filter life. When it does need cleaning, the cartridge style air filter is simple to access, removeand replace when needed.  

What Findasaw also offers 


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