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Groundworks and Soil Compaction FAQ

Husqvarna, one of our main suppliers, have expanded into groundworks and soil compaction. This groups together compactors, reverse-compactors, trench rammers and similar products. As this is a new range of products for Findasaw we have had to ask a lot of questions to better understand the different machines and how to get the best out of them. It seems only sensible that we share these questions and the answers with our customers.

Q: What is soil compaction?

A: Soil compaction is the process of forcing loose soil into a tight, dense mass. It is normally carried out with a mechanical compactor, or a trench rammer in narrow areas.

Q: Why does soil need compaction?

A: Compacted soil has an increased load bearing capacity. It provides a more stable base for foundational material and helps to prevent water and frost damage. Bulging or buckling on roads are often caused by poorly compacted soil.

Q: What is the difference between soil types?

A: The three major distinctions of soil are cohesive, granular and organic. Cohesive soil is a has a heavy clay content that stick closely together. Granular soils are sandy and loose, with poor water retention. Organic soil is what is commonly found in gardens or on farmland and has a higher concentration of plant waste. Organic soil is not suitable for construction, as organic matter decays and weakens over time.

Q: How much water needs to be added when compacting soil?

A: Too little water will cause the soil to crumble, but too much will cause the soil to shift. A good test is to take a handful of the soil, squeeze it and drop it. The ideal moisture level should allow the soil to mold in your hand when it is squeezed, then break into pieces when it is dropped. If it is too dry it will be powdery and break into fragments when dropped. If it is too wet, it will remain in shape and won’t break when dropped.

Q: Which type of compaction equipment is best?

A: On cohesive soils a rammer or trench roller is the best solution. On granular soils a plate compactor is a better tool to use.

Q: What is overcompaction and undercompaction?

A: Overcompaction will occur if too many passes are made in the same direction. It will reduce soil density. To avoid overcompaction, ensure that passes are made forwards and backwards. Undercompaction is the opposite. Too few passes made with leave the soil too soft and fail to achieve the required density.

There is, or course, a lot more to talk about with regards to groundworks and soil compaction. We will be updating our FAQ page with more relevant information as we explore the new Husqvarna groundworks range more fully. If there are any questions which you would like answered you can contact us and we will do our best to provide and answer.

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Husqvarna PRIME™

Construction tools and machinery in the UK still rely, predominantly, on petrol engines. This is true across all building sectors. Most contractors have used petrol disc cutters, wall saws and floor saws for their entire career. The low entry cost of used and refurbished machines has played a large role in this, keeping prices low. Petrol engines, however, are not the most efficient or the most effective way to cut concrete. They produce fumes and noise, require frequent maintenance, cause greater vibrations and necessitate that the user store and transport highly combustible fuel.

Hydraulic tools were thought to be the answer to some of these problems, and there are situations in which they are viable. They retain many faults of their own, though, foremost being their reputation for unreliability. The future for concrete cutting has to be electric.

The Husqvarna PRIME™ range of tools are a new generation of high performance equipment. Light and easy to use, PRIME comprises powerful electrical equipment for handheld cutting, drilling and wall sawing. Using high frequency electrical power, they are optimised for on site performance. A Husqvarna PRIME powerpack will convert AC power into a high frequency and is compatible with all the products in the range. The modular nature of the tools allows contractors to expand the system to fit their developing needs.

For many contractors, the idea of moving to an electrical based system may seem daunting. The Husqvarna brand, however, is a market leader in the construction industry. It has been at the forefront of machinery and tool production for over fifty years. The PRIME range is a continuation of that legacy and guarantees efficient and effective application.

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Tile and Masonry Saws

Brick, block and tile are present in almost every building. There can be few, if any, construction projects on which every scrap of building material fits perfectly. More often than not, a substantial number of blocks and tiles need to be trimmed and cut to properly fit the plans. It is worth spending time getting these cuts right. This reduces the overall effort and time spent on the construction. It is also worth investing in high quality tile and masonry saws to ensure that the best possible results are being realised.

Tile Saws

The word tiles encompasses a huge range of products. Porcelain, encaustic, ceramic, roofing tiles, stone and glass area all used on a regular basis. To cut these accurately, it is vital to use the correct product. For small tiles requiring 90° or 45° cuts the Husqvarna TS230F tile saw will usually be enough. This is small and can be easily moved between sites. It can be attaches to a trestle or sat on a work-bench. For larger tiles, and situations where more complex angles need to be cut, the Husqvarna TS66R can cut tiles up to a maximum size of 660mm by 660mm. For even larger tiles, such as granite flooring, the Husqvarna TS73R tile saw can cut sizes up to 700mm by 700mm, as well as angle tiles on any side.

Masonry Saws

Block and brick trimming require a lot of cutting depth. They also need to be secure on at least two sides to ensure accurate cutting. Small brick and block cutting can be performed on the Husqvarna TS350E masonry saw, which has a cutting depth of 100mm. For larger blocks, such as concrete stretchers, the Husqvarna TS400F masonry saw has greater cutting capacity, with a cutting depth of 230mm.

All these machines are manufactured to exacting specifications by Husqvarna, meaning that their quality is guaranteed.

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The Husqvarna K535i Battery Powered Disc Cutter

The Husqvarna K535i is the first battery powered disc cutter in the Husqvarna range. This compact, nimble machine is ideal for smaller jobs. Its light weight and small size mean it can be used in difficult locations, such as roofs and enclosed spaces. It has an inbuilt water kit to help contain dust and increase cutting efficiency.

The move into battery powered machines is an interesting decision. The vast majority of Husqvarna and STHIL saws are still petrol powered. Other electric disc cutters, like the Husqvarna K4000, are tethered to a socket with a cable. A battery powered saw give the operator the freedom to use it when and where they like, without having to worry about trailing cables. This is especially useful when working at height. Charging a battery costs a fraction of what you pay to refuel a petrol tank. As battery technology improves, and emissions regulations grow stricter, it is likely that more equipment will move over to this system in the future.

Husqvarna K535i

The design of the Husqvarna K535i is engineered to meet the needs of construction and landscape contractors. It is well balanced and features easy to use controls. The low weight of just 3.5kg and the rope eyelet make this the ideal tool for cutting roof tiles while working at height. It can also be used to cut concrete garden tiles, flooring tiles and even granite of 70mm or less. The Husqvarna K535i features an electric blade brake for increased safety. This stops the blade from full throttle to zero in just 3.1 seconds. The battery is placed to the rear of the machine to help minimise the risk of exposure to dust or slurry produced by the cutting.

The battery is compatible with a wide range of other Husqvarna equipment. At the moment all other compatible machines are in the Forest and Garden range, although more battery powered construction tools may be released in the future.

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Husqvarna K770 Vac

The Husqvarna K770 Vac is new for 2019 and offers a new way to deal with concrete dust while cutting. Innovative developments allow a H-class dust extractor to be connected directly to the rear of the saw. The front guard has a retractable lower cover to help manage suction of silica dust and other particulates. The lower section automatically folds back, so there is no extra activity for the user to undertake.

The K770 Vac provides the same reliable cutting as the regular K770. While it is only available in 300mm, the blade is held forwards of the guard allowing a cutting depth of 122mm. This is close to the 125mm which is achieved by a 350mm K770.
It is vital to control concrete dust in order to protect both site and operators. While the K770 Vac will work with more commonly used M-class dust extractors, these are not recommended when working with concrete dust. The particulates are finer than the dust generated when working with wood and metal. M-class dust extractors also fail to provide the needed protection when emptying or changing bags. An H-class dust extractor such as the Husqvarna S26 will give the K770 Vac all the suction it needs, while keeping the dust sealed with H13 filters.
Traditionally dust generated wile cutting was controlled using water. While that is still an option, it is becoming less economical. Slurry also has to be managed and disposed of correctly. Dry dust can be sealed in a LongoPac bag and disposed of far more efficiently. Wet cutting is also unsuitable for many locations due to the damage it can cause to the surrounding area, not to mention the residue build up on machines.
The K770 Vac is a sensible and effective solution to dust control while cutting, which also provides deep cuts and reliable production rates.

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Husqvarna Early-Entry Soff-Cut Saws

Soff-Cut Saw

The Husqvarna Soff-Cut saws solve one of the biggest problems contractors face. Once concrete has been laid it begins to dry and as it dries cracks form. The best most contractors and building crews can do is hope the cracks are not too wide or difficult to fill. Until recently cutting the concrete while it was still drying was not advised. This is because drying concrete will chip and break easily. The Soff-Cut range of early-entry saws are designed to cut early in the drying process. The anti-ravel skid plate keeps pressure on the concrete so the saw can cut without breaking or tearing the concrete even though it is still soft. Importantly this minimises the risk of random cracking because you are controlling where the internal stresses are focused.


Concrete shrinkage crackingControl concrete shrinkage cracking
As the concrete dries it develops internal stresses, leading to cracks.With an early -entry saw a joint can be sawn within the first few hours of laying. This helps control the direction of the crack as it forms.


The husqvarna Soff-Cut Saw range is now available on our website, as are the blades and any accessories you may need. There are a total of four saws available to meet the differing needs of the industry.

Soff-Cut 150 Saw

Husqvarna Soff-Cut 150

The Soff-Cut 150 is the smallest and easiest to transport model in the range. Designed for smaller areas, this saw is easy to use and convenient to convey between sites. Low noise means this is the right choice for most residential areas, or other sites which need minimal disruption.



Soff-Cut 2000 Saw

Husqvarna Soff-Cut 2000 Early Entry Saw

The Soff-Cut 2000 is ideal for medium to heavy duty commercial and industrial sites. Three different blade widths are available, so you have a range of options when you want to control cracking.



Soff-Cut 4000 Saw

Husqvarna Soff-Cut 4000 Early Entry Saw

The Soff-Cut 4000 is a heavy duty machine for large industrial sites and paving applications. With a larger engine than the smaller models this self-propelled saw delivers great results in larger areas.



Soff-Cut 4200 Saw

Husqvarna Soff-Cut 4200 Early Entry Saw

The Soff-Cut 4200 is the largest model in the range. Fully featured with a 23 hp twin-cylinder petrol engine, three-stage cyclonic air cleaner, oil cooler, full-pressure oil lubrication, hydraulic valve lifters, mechanical fuel pump and an oil alert light. Despite all of these features, the 4200 has a lightweight frame to reduce the footprint on green concrete. Ideal for large area industrial, commercial and paving applications. 



These saws offer a revolutionary approach to laying concrete, cutting down on expenses and reducing time spent on site. For further details on how these saws work you can visit Husqvarna’s web page here or alternatively you can contact us and we will be happy to explain the process involved in cutting green concrete.

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Husqvarna K770 – The Latest Innovation in Concrete Cutting

The Husqvarna K770

Husqvarna K770

The new Husqvarna K770 is Husqvarna’s latest concrete saw, available from late May 2018. With a lineage stretching back to 1958, Husqvarna have proven their expertise in concrete tooling and cutting. Here at Findasaw we have sold and championed the K760 ever since we opened. It has easily been our best-selling disc cutter by a wide margin. The new Husqvarna K770 improves on the previous design, using input taken from users around the world to build a better machine. Instead of redesigning the wheel, Husqvarna have taken the proven qualities of the K760 and built on them. This has allowed them to meet user’s needs, improving the ignition and cutting arm.

K770 Key Improvements

  • A redesigned, magnesium cast, heavier cutting arm with a three-bolt joint enables higher torsional rigidity, helping to further stabilise cutting.
  • Digital ignition with optimised timing provides a powerful spark at precisely the right time, enabling an easy start and efficient combustion.
  • A new clutch cooling fan keeps the temperature inside the belt cover lower, improving the life of transmission components and the belt.
  • SmartTension™ keeps the drive belt correctly tensioned, providing optimal power transmission and prolonging the life of the belt.

The Husqvarna K770 provides the same high build quality as its predecessor. Using components that will stand up the the stress and rigour of cutting through some of the hardest materials used in construction. Like the K760 before it, the K770 comes in both 300mm and 350mm versions. This give you a cutting depth of 100mm and 125mm respectively. There is also the option to invest in Oil Guard versions. Oil Guard protects the disc cutter from damage caused by incorrect fuel/oil mix. For road cutting, the K770 can be used with the KV7 Trolley, so you can keep your lines straight and vastly improving the stability of your concrete cutting.

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Husqvarna K 760 or Stihl TS 410?

ts 410 and K760
Most professionals we supply have a preference for either the Husqvarna K 760 or the Stihl TS 410. Well, actually quite a few still hold that the Stihl TS 400 remains the greatest disc cutter of all time. But, since the TS 400 is no longer available, the K 760 and the TS 410 are the most popular choices.

Both of these are high quality machines, built to cut brick, concrete and a variety of other materials. Both have been built with up-to-date systems to manage vibrations and filter dust. But we were interested to discover which is, overall, the better machine.


Husqvarna K 760 compared to the Stihl TS 410

K 760TS 410
Husqvarna K 760Stihl TS 410
Power output: 3.7 kWPower output: 3.2 kW
Weight without cutting wheel: 9.6 kgWeight without cutting wheel: 9.4 kg
Max cutting depth: 100 mmMax cutting depth: 100 mm
Max cutting depth: 100 mmMax cutting depth: 100 mm
Sound pressure level: 101 dB(A)Sound pressure level: 109.0 dB(A)
Vibrations front/rear handle: 2.4/2.4 m/s²Vibration levels left/right m/s²: 3.9/3.9


On the surface the machine spec look very similar, with the Husqvarna edging ahead in terms of power and noise, while the Stihl comes in a at a lighter weight. The biggest difference is the vibrations. This may be overlooked when it comes to other considerations, but vibration can seriously affect the user. Wrexham council were recently fined £150, 000 over their failure to tackle hand-arm vibration syndrome. The Husqvarna has a far lower vibration level, reducing the strain on the user.




There is another big consideration; price. We retail the Husqvarna K 760 at £459, ex. Vat. We supply the Stihl TS 410 at £499 ex. Vat. That alone may sway many of our customers. We have, however, heard many industry professionals say that they find the size and shape of the TS 410 easier and more comfortable to use. It also has a reputation for being a hard-wearing machine, with long intervals between services or repairs.

Again, both of these are well regarded, robust concrete saws that will likely serve you for years to come. We would recommend coming in to talk to us in person about the pros and cons of each, before you purchase. Whatever you choose, we can promise that we will support you through the lifetime of your purchase, with expert advice, genuine parts and a wide range of blades and oils.

And for those of you who still use the TS 400, be assured that we can still provide blades, parts and repairs.

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Husqvarna Cut N Break

At first glance the Cut N Break looks complicated or unusual, when compared to a regular disc cutter. Let us clarify the benefits of the model and what it’s capable of. While it looks different from a classic power cutter we all know, it nevertheless provides a valuable balance between cost, depth and power.

It’s cutting applications include:

  • Cast Concrete
  • Pipes
  • Adjustment to Openings
  • Blocks
  • Curbstones
  • Garden Paving
  • Deep Cutting
  • Pipe Trenches


Cutting channels and apertures into hard materials is a challenge. While the Cut N Break models may seem unconventional, they provide one of the easiest and most effective ways to open walls or floors. The duel diamond blades cut through concrete and masonry leaving a core, easily broken out with the specially designed crowbar, provided with the kit. Furthermore, once the core is out the Cut N Break can continue to cut in the channel. Because the length of the arm allows the Cut N Break to cut to depth of around 400mm, you can cut further than the depth of a typical double-skinned brick wall.

The K760 Cut N Break

K760 Cut N Break


The K760 Cut N Break is petrol powered, using the same engine as the ever popular K760. This, most of all, means that it is reliable, easy to repair and easy to use in almost any environment. Designed for construction professionals, and as a result, is a powerful machine. It needs to be heavy enough to contain the vibrations and kickback. As a result, this machine is recommended for users who are comfortable with professional cutting tools.




The K3000 Cut N Break

K760 Cut N Break



The second, increasingly popular, option is the K3000 Cut N Break. This model uses the K3000 electric motor to drive the twin blades, meaning that you don’t have to worry about emissions. Consequently, the trade-off is that you will need a power source to run the saw. This model is, most commonly, used in interior spaces and environments where noise is a concern. This model is popular when working in or around medical and residential facilities.







When choosing an option you must reflect the work you undertake. If you need any further advice or information, don’t hesitate to contact us. We want to ensure that you have the right tools for your job, and we want to support you across the lifetime of your purchase. Findasaw can provide you with blades, parts, oil and  the accessories which you need to get the most out of your purchase. For more information on Husqvarna products, follow this link to their website.

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Diamond Cutting Blades

Whether you are cutting concrete, stone or asphalt, you are cutting some of the hardest materials known to man. In order to cut through these materials with maximum precision, speed and efficiency you need tools that are harder still. Diamond cutting blades are the best solution for the job and at findasaw.com we stock the very best in Husqvarna tools.

Because of the wide range of materials, and the differences between machines, it is important to ensure that you are picking the right disc for the right job. Furthermore it is worth thinking about how long you will be using the diamond cutting blade for. With the diagrams and advice below we want to help you make the right choices for your job or project.

Diamond Cutting Blades Chart


Diamond Cutting Blades Chart


GOLD Diamond Cutting Blades

Husqvarna Elite-Cut blades are for specialist contractors. Developed especially for intensive professional use in specialist applications. These discs provide maximum cutting speed and wear resistance in heavy cutting.Husqvarna Gold Diamond Cutting Blades

SILVER Diamond Cutting Blades

Husqvarna Vari-Cut blades are for general contractors. Developed for professional use in all-round applications. These discs provide high cutting speed and wear resistance in all cutting.Husqvarna Silver Diamond Cutting Blades

BRONZE Diamond Cutting Blades

Husqvarna Tacti-Cut blades are for occasional users. These discs provide a good balance between performance and price in common cutting and drilling applications.Husqvarna Bronze Diamond Cutting Blades

Time is money, and choosing the correct diamond cutting blades and can save you a lot of time. Buying from findasaw.com means you can always get qualified help and advice if something does not work as you expect. Remember, price and quality tend to go together. A low-cost blade might seem like a saving, but if you are going to use the tool professionally you may need to replace it faster than you might like. Consequently it is important to look at the lifetime use of the diamond cutting blade before you make a purchase decision.

Another major consideration in that the diamond cutting blade should be adapted to the machine’s power as well as the application and the materials you will cut. You can either opt for a universal tool that works well on several different materials or an optimised tool designed for cutting a specific material. Be sure to check that the bore will fit with the machine you are planning to use.

Decide which of the tool’s properties is most important to you – cutting speed or wear resistance. While a high cutting speed helps you get the job done quickly, and with less effort, it can result in a shortened lifespace of the blade. High wear resistance means longer service life in more extensive jobs, but ensure you are aware that you will be taking more time to cut through. Whatever you need, we will work with you to make sure you have the right tools to continue your work.

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